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For bad days: My list of happy 

Some days are just tough emotionally. I’ll have a difficult conversation with one of Aiden’s therapists (usually the physio), and some unimagined ramification of Aidy’s CP will hit home with a sucker punch. Like yesterday when I found myself discussing walkers for the first time. These days leave me emotionally vulnerable and off-balance for days as I wrap my head around the new information. 

But you’ve got to carry on, you know? Dig deep for some extra brave. Exercise. Take a nap. Take yourself out for coffee and write a blog post to get some perspective. Whatever it takes to right the emotional ship. 

Writing lists helps me, especially lists of how far we’ve come or what I should be grateful for. So here’s today’s list of happy. I’m grateful that…

  1. Aiden can sit on his own in the bath. 
  2. Aiden is crawling. 
  3. Aiden’s left hand is working so much better than it was. 
  4. Aiden is happy. He’s not feeling sorry for himself; he’s just full of giggles, smiles and cuddles. 
  5. I have friends I can call for sympathy after rough conversations. 
  6. My kids slept through last night. (This is huge! I should be dancing on the tables with joy.)
  7. A weekend full of friends lies ahead. 

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