Cerebral Palsy · Inchstones and milestones

Mobility aids and assistance

Until recently, we didn’t have any specialist equipment for Aiden, aside for a few foam blocks and a peanut ball that I ordered when he was diagnosed. But all that changed a month ago, and suddenly we are into a new phase with various aids in attendance.  Firstly, we started using a soft splint on… Continue reading Mobility aids and assistance

Cerebral Palsy · Emotional conundrums · Triplegia

For bad days: My list of happy 

Some days are just tough emotionally. I’ll have a difficult conversation with one of Aiden’s therapists (usually the physio), and some unimagined ramification of Aidy’s CP will hit home with a sucker punch. Like yesterday when I found myself discussing walkers for the first time. These days leave me emotionally vulnerable and off-balance for days… Continue reading For bad days: My list of happy